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2019. április 1.

Gokokuzan Sogenji, Japan

After about ten days I have now returned to Sogenji from the hospital without mishap.
During that time everyone sent me so many get well soon wishes. I know that gave everyone reason to worry and thanks to everyone’s good wishes I am now back at Sogenji safely and without any problem.
Usually heart problems are operated on when they are very serious and cannot be solved in any other way, or when the heart is involved with other organ’s serious condition or a situation such as diabetes or when there is some complication that makes the heart operation necessary. A heart is not generally something with which one should tamper.
For fifteen years I have had yearly heart check ups, and everything was fine until up to about three years ago, and then this year I started being short of breath when I walked uphill or up stairs. Not only was I feeling symptoms but the doctor´s yearly exam also showed that there was a deepening problem. It is termed mitral insufficiency and it was a 4/4  level, a most advanced case.
The blood in this chamber was leaking out more and more, in an opposite direction, because the valve’s complete closing is compromised by a loose ”door”.
This is not such an uncommon problem and in my case there was also no other organ or condition involved. The door to the chamber did not close tight and only this part of the heart was involved.
I am now almost 79 years old and will be 80 next year. It was therefore also clear that right now was the best time to do this operation while I am physically fit and my body is in good shape. And this will give me ten or 15 more years, they say, I am planning on twenty more years to express my plentiful motivation to teach you all. And so we did this operation.
Grateful that my condition was good, the many doctors involved all agreed that from many various angles it was the best time, and now, after only ten days I am already out of the hospital and can be right back into teaching you all, and I wanted to tell you this. Also to tell you that I am again back at Sogenji with lots of energy and good health.
The organ of the heat is not like other organs, when it is repaired it again functions normally and is even more healthy than it was just before the operation. The doctors said it would be like this and I feel it now also.
Since I am just out of the hospital I will do rehabilitationand various helpful things for my body to stay healthy and my heart sturdy.This will enable me to do my schedule from the end of April, with a sesshin for84 at Hokuozan,
In May at Tahoma
In June in Hokuozan, Denmark and Hungary
in July in Australia for ten days,
In August at Indozan Sogenji with a sesshin and opening fora new children’s dormitory,
in September to Tahoma Monastery
in October to Hokuozan.
One after another, travelling to these many places to go toand now I can do it.
I am also planning to continue to go to places to which Ihave not yet been, and tying together thoroughly everyone’s karma.
And so I wanted to write and thank you all. to tell you fromthe bottom of my heart to not worry, and to thank you for your good wisheswhich were received and gave great support to my determination. I feel thisfrom my heart, and now I want to live in the best way to keep this hearthealthy.

Thank you very much.
Shodo Harada 

Tahoma-san Sogenji, USA

Winter got in one last trick with a rare March snowstorm before spring elbowed its way onto the scene. It was a complete reversal with record breaking temperatures in Mid-March!  Butterflies, daffodils, bumblebees, cherry trees in bloom and birds chasing each other beneath piercing blue skies. It took a long time to return the Monastery to order after the February sesshin, but thanks to a visit by the Whitman College meditation club we finally managed to return things to some semblance of order. Attention now turns toward new growth, warming days and the seeds of winter sending up green shoots.
Upcoming at Tahoma
April 20th: Day of Practice (all day zazen)
April 29th: Samu Day at Tahoma
Tahoma Monastery Schedule 
Choka 4:50 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.
Morning Zazen 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Evening Zazen 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Sunday Zazenkai: 8:00a.m. – 9:00a.m. followed by tea

Indozan Sogenji, India

Rack house is ready.1st floor 9 rooms and toilet. 2nd  floor 4 rooms and a hall.
Around indosan wall compound work is going on.
Inside the monastery,  concrete roads are built. 
(Shaku bodhi)

Hokuozan Sogenji, Germany

Thanks to Basti taking care of all activities including the weekend sesshin, ShoE was able to go to Japan and support the Roshi during his time of surgery and rehab. It was thanks to a great team of four – Daichi Gensho Kunitomi and myself – that could back up the Roshi. Deeply thankful for the precious life which is given to him and to all of us. – Now having returned to Hokuozan, we are welcoming Teishuku, Richard and Jishiin for the Ango, and the Tan project again is in high gears. Looking forward to welcoming a healthy Roshi for the April Osesshin with 84 people. Great thankfulness to the sangha for continued efforts in the practice.

ODZ Aalter Belgium

We continue our daily sitting . Monday s and Friday s are usually full day sitting schedules .  The sitting schedules we always shared through whatsapp group, please let me know if somebody is  interested  There are daily sesshins of 3 periods , half day and full day schedules usually mondays and friday  . It is even possible to stay a few days in a room next to the zendo .
Gassho (Sozen )

ODZ Vig Denmark

Glad to hear that the Roshi is up and moving and headed back to Sogenji after his surgery.
We wish the Roshi good recovery and health.
The weekly sunday gathering for zazen in Copenhagen city is ongoing and well joined.
Sunday the 7th april we have an all day zazen at the Muinoshinnin zendo in Vig 
Foremost for sangha members moving forward to join sesshin with the Roshi, exercising sesshin moves and rules.
This is also a setup toward the 3 days minisesshin in june 2019 with the Roshi.
We are 7 people this time, from our local sangha joining the april osesshin in Hokuozan.
This time two new sangha members are coming along, sitting their first sesshin with the Roshi.
Gassho (Daiko) 

ODZ Odense Denmark

We continue our shedule and are participating at the one day zazen at Daikos place in Vig.
gassho Sottaku

ODZ Hamburg Germany

This time we talked at our monthly Dharma discussion about the use of the body in zen. The importance of the lower body being in a stable position was emphasized. If possible, the full lotus posture is most favorable, which by itself opens the body and puts also the upper part in a natural position: The spine being straight and long, with air between the joints and the chin pulled back is also of great help for the energy to flow freely. Concerning the shoulders a picture of an empty jacket on hangers was talked about. Like this also the arms should be, letting them hang, but not too close to the body, opening up the whole body in this way. On the other hand, when the breath is long and deep entering samadhi, a natural healthy position comes by itself, so not focusing only on mechanics but letting oneself rise from within. When this happens a strong and wide feeling in the area of the lower abdomen flows throughout the whole body. Gassho Doshin

ODZ Budapest Hungary

In the Budapest zendo the practice is continuous. There is sitting every morning and evening. We had our regular end-of-the-month sesshin. There were extra sittings and sutra chanting before and during Roshi Sama’s operation. We are all really pleased to know that the operation went well and he is doing fine.
In Székesfehérvár and Pécs the local sanghas keep on with stable practice (1-2 day zazen per week + one all-day sesshin in every month).
There was a mini-sesshin held in Bakonya (a little village at the Southern part of Hungary) organized by Dalma (see the memorial photo below).
Our website has been renewed. And even an other page was developed for internal usage where we collect and share texts, pictures, sangha programs, write a blog etc., and this website is the place of all the written communication within the sangha, too.

ODZ Dublin Ireland

We sit two evenings a week, Mondays and Thursdays. Saturday sittings once a month are planned.
Making efforts.

unnamed (1)

ODZ Latvia

Pinki One Drop is continuing zazen practice in the new place – Latvian University premises in very center of Riga. Our group is growing, as everything in spring time 🙂
We are very thankful to ShoE for sharing information about Roshi’s health. This let us support our Teacher during operation time. Some pictures of Sunday evening zazen on March 17th are attached.
Our regular zazen is on Monday and Wednesday morning 07.30-09.00 and Sunday evening 18.00-20.00 with sutras and Roshi’s text reading. Good health to our Dear Roshi and Spring revitalizing wishes to everyone.

ODZ Lithuania

All three Lihuanian ODZ groups have their practice on regular schedules.
We are having a one day sesshin in Kaunas on the 30th of March with more than 20 people attending.

ODZ Merida Mexico

We recognize more than ever, what an extraordinary blessing it is to have Roshi San guiding our way. We are so grateful for the good outcome of his surgery. We want to especially thank the Swiss One Drop (JiGen, ESho) for organizing a global prayer in real time for Roshi and to Tahoma Monastery (SoKei) for spreading the connection across multiple borders. It was wonderful to keep Roshi in mind during this difficult time and share with everyone in this way. 
Thank you so much to all in Japan who are close to our precious teacher and taking care of him. He means so much to so many. In these times, we feel the need to double our efforts in profound gratitude for the Dharma. Here sharing Sunday Zazenkai in Kojitsuan, Mexico City.

ODZ Szczecin Poland

March time passed under the translations on “Hakuin zazen Wasan” teishos and weekend minisesshin with Jiko Daishi visit. ( ) It was imporntant event for us, we could again see how strong our relations has grown during those many years of shared practice under Roshi’s guidance. 
We aslo continue meditation intro workshops led by Ninsei Koji every Sunday. During April time we continue sitting regular week zazen schedule: Sunday 19:00-21:30 with “Hakuin Zenji’s Song of zazen” teisho’s  translations read during the third round, followed by evening matcha tea, and Monday zazen 6:00-8:00, preceded by morning Choka in Polish. 
Gassho (Seigen) 

ODZto beLjubljana Slovenia

On the eve of March our group had an outside kinhin in the natural environment throught the forest of the hills on the east slopes of our town of Ljubljana. The path lead us among the trees, illuminated with last sunrays of the day. And when the dark came, various night creatures accompanied us with their gentle noices. We finished the kinhin by the lake with a period of ritsuzen on the shore. There was a special sense of connection between the group members and all sentient beings that surounded us in their natural habitat.
Our regular zazen meetings in March included the study of the last of the six Paramitas: the Prajna Paramita, the perfection of Wisdom, with which we concluded our half-year Paramitas study. We talked about impermanence, non-self, dependent origination, the two-truths doctrine and we focused on the teachings of the Heart Sutra.
Gassho (Seijitsu)

ODZ Basel Switzerland

Our normal schedule: Tuesday evening we sit three periods from 7.45pm – 9.15pm. The morning sittings are from monday thru friday 6am – 7am. There will be no Sazen from 11th – 14th March due to the Basel Carnival circumstances. 
Best greetings (Jigen)

ODZ Los Angeles USA

The LA One Drop ran through a whirlwind Two Day mini-sesshin with the Roshi and Daichi on February 14th and 15th. A couple of us had also done the Tahoma sesshin with the backdrop of a beautiful snowy landscape, so it was great to bring that anchor of solid practice. Despite rain and other challenges here in LA our full zendo managed to get through it with excellent vibrations over all. It becomes clearer that the Roshi leads us to encountering the ineffable Dharma. What a privilege and how very humbling to be able to have a teacher who can truly guide us in this way. May all beings attain True Wisdom!  Love to the greater Sangha from ODZLA.

ODZ Seattle USA 

We are so relieved to hear that the Roshi’s heart surgery went well and that
he is able to continue his teaching around the world. 
Mark your calendars:  Daichi Zenni (Chisan) will be leading a two day
Kosesshin at Water Moon Dojo in Seattle on May 25-26.  
As the cherry blossoms suddenly appear, here are some spring haiku:
Spring rain:

Everything just grows
More beautiful.

      ~ Chiyo-ni

What a strange thing,
To be thus alive
Beneath the cherry-blossoms.

      ~ Issa  

Hidden Valley Zen Center USA

In March we offered our monthly half-day introduction and an intensive weekend sesshin, Ignatius led a well attendedChinese tea ceremony followed by zazen, and we did two samu days in preparation for our upcoming Fundraising Concert.
After the rains have stopped there is lots of weeding and weed-wacking to be done as we are preparing the grounds for the upcoming events. We are relieved that Shodo Harada Roshi’s heart surgery went well and extremely grateful for his and Daichi Roshi’s
ongoing great efforts and teaching.APRIL 6th: half day INTRODUCTION to Zazen and Zen Practice.APRIL 7th: 2pm, FUNDRAISING CONCERT with PETER GACH, on a STEINWAY grand piano. APRIL 12-14th: BUDDHAS BIRTHDAY CEREMONIES beginning with Temple Night on Friday evening, April 12th, Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony and potluck April 13th and Sunday sitting and Dharma talk. APRIL 20th: ZEN and YOGA retreat 8am-8pm. APRIL 26-28th: WEEKEND SESSHIN. For more info please see: and Facebook: With sincere prayers for peace and every ones well-being: 
With gasshou, (Sozui)

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